Portage Viaduct, New York

August 8, 2017 rootzmanage 0

The Portage Viaduct (also known as the Portage Bridge, Portageville Viaduct, or Portageville Bridge) is an iron railroad bridge in Livingston County, New York, located […]

Benjamin Franklin

July 29, 2017 rootzmanage 0

Sometimes when a country is just getting organized, its citizens are considered to be uneducated, out of touch or primitive. But exactly opposite was the […]

Abraham Lincoln

July 24, 2017 rootzmanage 0

We would like to think all of our presidents of the United States were truly great men and to be sure, just handling the awesome […]

Death Valley, US

July 6, 2017 rootzmanage 0

Describing Death Valley brings a potpourri of superlatives: hottest, driest, lowest. In 1913, the valley hit a record 134 degrees Fahrenheit! But despite its brutal […]